The Atelier für physisches Theater - International School for Movement Acting

co-founded and run by Mina Tinaburri and Urich Ernitz since 1995, is an independent international theatre centre which is constantly researching, promoting and developing physical theatre.

Since 2004, the Atelier für physisches Theater is the first School for Movement Acting in Germany providing a training program in physical theatre, inspired by the ideas and experience of Jacques Copeau and following Jacques Lecoq’s theatre method. The training programme is very much distinct from conventional theatre by using training methods so as to give theatre a new and lively impulse.

The Content

body training / contemporary dance / Alexander-technique & contact improvisation / Feldenkrais / stage acrobatics / movement analysis / theatre game / improvisation techniques / mime-dynamics / neutral mask / the tragic space / text in movement / storytelling / melomime / theatre of materials & visual arts / larval masks / expressive masks / half masks of the Commedia dell´arte / mask creation / the human comedy / theatre of objects / the comical body/ grotesque / Buffoons / comic theatre/ Clown / street performance / theatre anthropology/ management / devised theatre / creation of individual theatre projects and presentation of a final ensemble
performance/ completion.

Physical Theatre

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