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Directors of Atelier für physisches Theater

Mina Tinaburri

Mina Tinaburri, Rome/Berlin
Founder and Artistic Director of the Atelier für physisches Theater and Theater Absurda Comica, theatre teacher, trainer and theatre director.

She trained (1985-1987) at the Scuola Internazionale di Teatro (Jacques Lecoq´s method) in Rome and afterwards at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier in London. Since 1982 she produced in and outdoor theatre productions both at national and international level. 
She has taught, trained and directed in both public and private acting schools in Germany. She has also taught and directed at the Academy of Dramatic Art “Ernst-Busch”- Faculty of Puppetry in Berlin, University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig, Rostock University of Music and Theatre, Summa College Welzijn en Artiest Eindhoven (NL), AFDAS (F), Mimecentrum Berlin, Theater Pedagogy (B.A.) Lingen, Society for Theatre Pedagogy, Magdebourg marionette theatre, Theatertage am See, and at the Italian Cultural Insitute in Stuttgart. Besides her pedagogical direction at the Atelier für physisches Theater, she leads international theatre workshops and trainings. Her teaching work includes Theatre game, Neutral Mask, Masks, Mask creation, Commedia dell'arte, Clown, Buffoons, Melodrama and the Tragic Space. Her work is deep rooted in physical theatre following Copeau’s, Lecoq’s and Dario 
Fo´s theatre principles. Within 35 years of practice and experience, she developed her own´s method, integrating different theatre genres grounded on body language, gesture, images and text and on what it is called the “movement in space”. She target currently- engaged in performing art artists (such as actors, stage directors, mimes, dancers) pedagogues and theatre pedagogues.

Ulrich Ernitz  

Ulrich Ernitz, Berlin
Founder and Director of the Atelier für physisches Theater, Co-Founder and Production Manager of Theater Absurda Comica, cultural manager, actor, pedagogue, advisor of performing artists. Theatre of materials & visual arts and theatre managment teacher.
He trained (1985-87) at the Scuola Internazionale di Teatro (Jacques Lecoq´s method) in Rome and at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier in London. Previously, touring in- and outdoors with the theatre-duo “Kapinski and Ostelli”. Studies concerning popular counterculture and its dramatic forms. Drama-pedagogical projects in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Netherland, Austria. Readings with texts by Villon, Rimbaud, Bukowski, Ginsberg, Fo, Pasolini.


Contemporary Dance, Choreography

Roberta Ricci


Roberta Ricci
Dancer, choreographer, MA in Philosophyn

She trained Ballet technique and Modern dance at Centro Sperimentale Progetto Danza in Messina (IT). She graduated in Contemporary dance and Performative arts  at Movimento Danza of Naples, and attended the professional course for contemporary dance Modem Atelier run by Compagnia Zappalà. As a freelance dancer she worked with various choreographers and companies such as Cadmium compagnie (Paris,FR); Movimento Danza (Naples, IT), RAI (Radio Televisone Italiana). She created various choreographies and performances around Europe cooperating also with directors and composers. Co/founder of ROW Project – a platform that connect dance, art and performance. Co/founder of ONE:THIRD, an ensemble based in Berlin working on istant composition and improvisation. Currently she is working with REVOLVEr Dance Theater in Berlin. She regulary works as a freelance dancer and teacher of Contemporary dance.


Alexander Technique & Contact Improvisation

Mireia Aragonés Carol  

Mireia Aragonés Carol
Alexander Technique Teacher, Pilates instructor and Dancer
Since 2005 she has been teaching Dance improvisation and Pilates. In 2014 she qualified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique under the guideline of ATVD (German A.T. organization) in Berlin and since then she has been teaching individual and group classes and workshops also in connection with Dance improvisation. Since 2015 she has been assisting Elisabeth Molle in the MA in Choreography and BA study programmes of Berlin University of the Arts (HZT- Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin). Since 2008 she has been performing as a dancer in the Berlin´s independent scene and since 2014 she has been cooperating with the ensemble „Imprevu“.



Barbara Martin  

Barbara Martin, Berlin
Feldenkrais Method Teacher
Barbara completed the Four-Years Feldenkrais Training Program with the Feldenkrais' first assistant Mia Segal, getting her Diploma as Teacher in the Feldenkrais Method.


Stage Acrobatics

Anna Bösche  

Anna Bösche, Berlin
Contemporary Circus performer
Anna has trained in Circus Arts Disciplines at Die Etage in Berlin. She is the founder of “Schwingspiel” and also a member of the light juggling company “Feeding the Fish”. She performs regularly as fire artist and juggler.


Mask making

Paola Carnali  

Paola Carnali, Rome
Physiotherapist, sculptor, actress.
Paola got her Diploma in Plastic Sculpture at the Scuola delle Arti Ornamentali in Rome and studied the leather mask of wood mold modeling technique by Donato Sartori at the Centro Maschere e Strutture Gestuali in Abano Terme, (Padua) Italy.
She completed the Four-Years Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, getting her professional Certification as Feldenkrais Practitioner and also graduated in Physiotherapy from the University La Sapienza, Rome. Paola trained also in Physical Theatre at the Scuola Internazionale di Teatro e Arte varia “Circo a vapore”, Rome.


Street Theatre

Joanna Bassi  

Joanna Bassi
Clown, circus and street artist, director and coach for actors, comedians, circus and street artists
Born in London. For decades internationally active as a solo clown and street artist. Six years thereof on tour with a truck all over Europe. Stage debut at the age of 16 with an acrobatic-musical act, which was performed in major venues throughout Europe. Grounded in a traditional circus background - her parents were jugglers in French, Italian and English show business - she expanded her education to theater, music (classical violin), dance and acrobatics. Participation in the first street theatre festivals in Italy (Santarcangelo di Romagna), France („Pont Neuf in Paris, Tour „Dehors dedans", Chalon dans la rue), Germany (UFA Fabrik and Tempodrom in Berlin; Freiburg, Siegen, Paderborn), in Denmark („Festival of Fools“ in Copenhagen) and in England („Sound of Women“ in London etc).Teaching at various circus and theater schools in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium as well as numerous directing roles in France, Germany and Italy.


Contemporary Dance, Choreography

Jara Serrano


Jara Serrano Gonzalez, Berlin

She trained in Classical Ballett at the Ballet Victor Ullate in Madrid.
She graduated from Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Faculty of Contemporary Dance in Amsterdam. She participated in the D.A.N.C.E across Europe Programm in Brüssel and  Dresden. She worked as a freelance dancer with Pierre Droulers at the Charleroi Danses Choreographic Centre in Brüssel, with the choreographer Colette Sadler Stammer productions in Dresden. She also worked and collaborated with other choreographers in Berlin. She  created, choreographed and staged the solo performance "the other“ - invisible thoughts". She regularly works as a freelance dancer and teacher of Contemporary Dance and Choreography.


Stage Acrobatics

Sabine Rieck  

Sabine Rieck, Berlin
Contemporary Circus performer
Sabine has trained in Circus Arts Disciplines at Die Etage in Berlin. She is a co-founder of “Circus Gosh” and “ArtistoKraten”. She also performed with “Teatro Zinzanni” in San Francisco and in Seattle, “Jugendtheater Strahl” in Berlin and “Compagnie Cahin-caha” in France. She toured through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Scandinavia and USA.


Vocal Training

Susanne Eggert  

Susanne Eggert, Berlin
Actress, vocal trainer and “Designated Linklater Voice Teacher”.
„The freedom of breath is the main tool of an actor. Emotions and thoughts reach our breathing centre a long time before they reach the voice and change the pulsation of the movement of our breath - The Linklater Voice Work opens possibilities to transfer the pulses of breath into pulses of the voice. A voice that can express your thoughts and emotions completely and transparently.“  Susanne Eggert