The Atelier für physisches Theater Berlin (APT), co-founded and run by Mina Tinaburri and Urich Ernitz, since 1995. The Atelier für physisches Theater is an independent international theatre centre which is constantly researching, promoting and developing physical theatre. The APT is affiliated to the Theater Absurda Comica as a production platform. The Atelier provides training workshops for artists involved in the fields of Acting, Mime, Dance, Physical Theatre and Theatre Pedagogy. The APT realizes theatre projects and trainings at state and private acting schools, theatre pedagogy institutions and on the fringe theatre scene.

Since 2004, the Atelier für physisches Theater is the first School for Movement Acting in Germany providing a professional training programme in physical theatre, inspired by the ideas and experience of Jacques Copeau and following Jacques Lecoq’s theatre method. The training programme is very much distinct from conventional theatre by using training methods so as to give theatre a new and lively impulse. On the one hand, the training programme aims to deepen the techniques and knowledge of scenic languages of gesture, on the other the development of personal and creative expression of each student.

The students of the APT are coming from different European and Extraeuropean countries, such as Germany, Austria, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Irland, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zeland, Poland, Rép. de Côte d'Ivoire, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, South-Africa and U.S.A. The different languages of the students flow into the lectures as well as the theatre making of the Atelier, whereby these languages are used as material.

The teaching method of Mina Tinaburri integrates the different styles of theatre focused on the body language being the main theatre instrument of the performer, on the movement in space and on the actor/actress who plays and acts and creates again the world in every single gesture.

The main goal of the work is theatre play, as the basic ground to a communicating relationship between the performer and the audience.

The main characteristic is the continuous and constantly changing interaction between the training experimental phase: (study of the basic techniques, researches on the topics, exercises and improvisation) and the creative phase: synthesis, writing, staging, performance.

The aim of the professional training programme is not the re-production of an already existing theatrical style, but rather to equip the students with the tools to discover their own artistic nouances, poetic personality and madness embedded in geniusness, so as to develop original, innovative Theatre.

The professional training programme does not only develop an interpretative research, but also communicates a complex view of the theatrical scene, script work, scenic rhythm and directing. 
Therefore the School provides students with the opportunity to complete their training on the stage. At the final stage, an ensemble performance is planned as well as the creation of individual self-managed projects connected to specific topics of study, to be directed in groups or alone. The artistic direction from the Atelier für physisches Theater reflects the development of the training regularly in individual and group sessions.

To renew the sources of inspiration, students are invited, out of the scheduled classes, to research on daily life, nature, art. The School suggests and organizes visits and participation to exhibitions, productions and panel discussion on theatre history.

Graduades of APT may work in very different fields. They become actors, maskers, clowns, comedians, mimes, performers in improvisation or dance and choreography theatre. Some of them are founders of own theatre ensemble, other achieve engagements in existing ensembles, as well in independent theatre companies. They are also active in children’s and youth theatre, clinic clowns so as in the fields of theatre pedagogy and social theatre.


Where we are

Berlin is, with its lively scene, countless artistic and cultural events the most fascinating and exciting European city. A magnet for young people from many countries around the world.

Our school is located in a cultural heritage and historical building from the Gründerzeit era in the district of Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg, the multicultural heart of Berlin, is famous for its young and creative population, diversity of culture and green spaces. In the immediate neighborhood of our school there are theatres, cinemas, local shops, clubs, bars, a weekly market and also a large park. The school is easy to reach by public transport.


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